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Baby Crib Hanging Rattles Toys

Baby Crib Hanging Rattles Toys

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A baby crib hanging rattles toy is a playful and colorful accessory that can be attached to a baby's crib to providing visual and sensory stimulation. These toys typically feature multiple hanging objects, such as plush animals, bright-colored shapes, and rattles that make noise when shaken. They can be wound up to play soothing music or simply hung from the crib to entertain and comfort a baby. Color coding may be used to differentiate the different toys and help with the baby's visual development. Overall, these toys are designed to provide a safe and fun way for babies to explore their surroundings while also promoting cognitive and motor skill development.

✅Stimulation: The colorful and playful design of the toy can stimulate a baby's visual and sensory development, helping them to develop cognitive and motor skills.

✅Soothing: Many of these toys can play calming music or sounds, which can help soothe a baby and promote better sleep.

✅Entertainment: Hanging toys can provide hours of entertainment for a baby, helping to keep them occupied and engaged while in their crib.

✅Comfort: The soft and plush material of these toys can provide comfort and a sense of security for a baby, especially when they are feeling anxious or upset.

✅Developmental: By interacting with the hanging toys, babies can improve their hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and fine motor skills.

Material: Cloth
Package Size:
230 x 100 x 50 mm

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