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Baby Feeding Chair

Baby Feeding Chair

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A baby chair is a specially designed piece of furniture intended for infants and young children to sit on while eating or playing. These chairs typically have a high backrest and sides to provide support and ensure the baby's safety while sitting. They may also include a tray or table for the child to eat or play on, as well as a harness or strap to keep the baby securely in place. Baby chairs can come in various sizes, designs, and materials, from simple plastic models to more elaborate wooden ones. They are commonly used in homes, restaurants, and other public places where children are present.

Benefits :

✅Safety: Baby chairs are designed with safety in mind, providing support and stability to keep the baby from falling or slipping while sitting.

✅Comfort: Baby chairs provide a comfortable place for the baby to sit and enjoy meals or playtime without being restricted or uncomfortable.

✅Posture: Baby chairs help to promote good posture and proper spinal alignment, which is important for the baby's overall physical development.

✅Convenience: Baby chairs can be used anywhere, from the kitchen to the living room, making them a convenient and practical addition to any home.

✅Socialization: Baby chairs allow babies to sit at the same level as adults, which can help to promote socialization and family interaction during mealtime.

✅Learning: Baby chairs with trays or tables provide a surface for babies to play with toys or explore food, helping to stimulate their senses and promote learning.

Specification :
Material: Farbic, metal
Package Size: 530 x 280 x 530 mm
Applicable age: 24 months or more
Color: dream powder (without wheels), champagne gold (without wheels), sunny green (without wheels), sky blue (without wheels)
Easy to install, grow-up design, stable anti-fall, eco-friendly plate, waterproof and anti-fouling, portable and easy to carry

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