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Magnetic Fishing Owl

Magnetic Fishing Owl

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The Magnetic Fishing Owl Baby Whack-a-mole Toy is an educational toy designed for babies and young children. It consists of a wooden board with multiple holes, each with a different colored owl peeking out. The child can use a magnetic fishing rod to catch the owls and place them back in their holes, developing their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Additionally, the toy includes a whack-a-mole feature where the child can use a hammer to tap the owls as they pop up, promoting sensory development and cause-and-effect understanding. Overall, this toy provides a fun and engaging way for young children to learn and develop important skills.


✅Develops hand-eye coordination: The magnetic fishing rod and the whack-a-mole feature require the child to use their hands and eyes in coordination to catch or tap the owls. This helps develop their hand-eye coordination, which is an important skill for many activities throughout their lives.

✅Improves fine motor skills: Playing with the toy requires the child to use the small muscles in their hands and fingers to hold the fishing rod, catch the owls, and tap them with the hammer. These actions help improve their fine motor skills, which are essential for many everyday tasks like writing, drawing, and using utensils.

✅Enhances sensory development: The whack-a-mole feature provides a sensory experience as the child taps the owls and hears the sound. The different colors and textures of the owls also provide a tactile experience that can enhance the child's sensory development.

✅Promotes cause-and-effect understanding: The whack-a-mole feature helps the child understand cause-and-effect relationships. When they tap the owls, they disappear and pop up again, showing the child the cause-and-effect relationship between their actions and the owls' movements.

✅Provides fun and engaging play: The colorful owls and the interactive features of the toy provide a fun and engaging play experience for the child. This can help keep them entertained and occupied while also promoting their learning and development.

Material: Wood
Package Size:
300 x 250 x 200 mm

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