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Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Wireless Video Baby Monitor

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A 3.2 inch baby monitor wireless night vision camera is a device designed to allow parents or caregivers to monitor their baby's activities and well-being from a remote location. The monitor consists of a wireless camera that is placed in the baby's room and a portable receiver with a 3.2-inch screen that displays live video and audio feed from the camera.

The camera features night vision capability that allows monitoring even in low light conditions, ensuring that parents can keep an eye on their baby's activities even in the dark. The wireless feature of the camera allows the receiver to pick up the video and audio feed without any wires, providing greater flexibility in placement and mobility.

This type of baby monitor is particularly useful for parents who want to monitor their baby's activities while they are sleeping or in another room. The 3.2-inch screen on the receiver provides clear video and audio, allowing parents to see and hear their baby's movements and sounds.

Benefits :

✅Peace of mind: The primary benefit of a baby monitor is that it provides parents with peace of mind. They can monitor their baby's activities, sounds, and movements from a remote location, which can help them relax and focus on other tasks.

✅Improved safety: A baby monitor can help improve the safety of the baby by alerting parents to any potential dangers or risks. For example, parents can monitor the baby's sleep position and ensure that they are not in a position that could cause suffocation or other hazards.

✅Better sleep: Using a baby monitor can help parents get better sleep by reducing their anxiety about their baby's well-being. They can check on the baby without having to physically enter the room, which can help avoid waking the baby up.

✅Flexibility: With a wireless baby monitor, parents can move around the house or yard while still keeping an eye on their baby. They can even take the receiver with them outside, allowing them to enjoy some fresh air while still monitoring their baby.

✅Convenience: A baby monitor is a convenient tool for parents to have, as it allows them to multitask and get things done while still keeping an eye on their baby. It can also be useful for parents who have multiple children, as they can monitor all their children from one device.

Specification :
Pixel: 300,000 (dpi)
Type: wireless camera
Power supply voltage: 5 (V)
Material: ABS
Size: 72x124.5x17.5cm

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